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There is a crack, a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.

- Leonard Cohen


While my editors and I do our best to check and double check ... and triple check! everything, we're not perfect. If an error is discovered though, patterns are always revised and updated right away. And if an error is major - enough to throw you off or mess up your project, you'll receive a notification by email if you purchased a download from this website or by pm if you bought it on Ravelry.

A pattern might also be revised and updated for a variety of other reasons - to correct a minor typo, to tweak the wording if it might make things a bit clearer, or to add a new photo if I happen to get a better shot.

Most patterns will have a version number at the bottom of the first page, such as, v.1.18.12, which is reflective of the date (month.day.year) when the pattern was last updated.

It's the Berries

Patterns downloaded before 11/19/11 - under Front and Neckline Band - read, "pick up and knit 4 sts for 3 rows," but should have read, "3 sts for 4 rows" and were missing instructions to repeat the buttonhole row, which should happen after the second decrease row.
Patterns purchased before 7/23/11 - Under Back Shape waist "Rep Dec Row every 4th row 5 more times" should read as, "Rep Dec Row every 4th row 4 more times."