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The first rule of holes: when you're in one, stop digging.

- Molly Ivins

Follow these links for photos, written explanations or video tutorials of the following:

Wrapless short rows - video tutorial

Buttonhole-stitch buttonholes - photo tutorial coming soon

Ssp's - two nifty techniques with great results that don't purl anything through back loops

Grafting in rib - a photo tutorial

Italian bind off - a beautiful way to finish off shaker rib and knit1-purl1 ribs

Italian bind off worked into a provisional cast on - photo tutorial

Russian splice - picture and description

Joining colors - photo tutorial

Picot cast on for Pachelbel - video tutorial

Grafting the Pachelbel shawl - video tutorial

Tubular cast on - picture and description

Tassels and crocheted trim as used in the Kinnikinnick scarf - video tutorial

Grafting live stitches to a bound-off edge - picture

Grafting tips - description

Crochet trim, buttonholes and buttons - pictures and descriptions

Knitting backwards - description