Mitten kits include SK 5-ply (worsted weight) yarn - two 50-gm skeins for main color and three 10-gm unicorn tails for gradient cuff colors
$34.50 for the kit.

Each kit contains an assortment of the following yarn blends: Eden (100% merino), Brigadoon (100% merino tweed),
Angelic (75% merino/25% angora),
and Nirvana (90% merino/10% cashmere)

and a link to a pdf pattern which will be included in your confirmation email.

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Of the nine colorways shown above right (counter-clockwise starting at the thumb): apple, ash, plum, lilac, cedar, winter, iris, nut & charcoal,

kits are still available for ash, cedar, iris, plum and nut.
Apple, plum, lilac, winter and charcoal are no longer available as pictured.

Maribo kit: $34.50
Qty:  Colorway:   

Or create your own colorway! Combine any of the eight cuff gradients below with main colors selected from the following charts.

Cuff Gradients







Eden winter
Angelic bone
Brigadoon stone
(shown with Nirvana apple)

Angelic clove
Nirvana earth
Angelic moth
(shown with Nirvana ash)

Angelic bone
Brigadoon stone
Angelic moth
(shown with Angelic plum)

Brigadoon blackish
Nirvana charcoal
Angelic smoke
(shown with Nirvana lilac)

Nirvana ash
Eden dove
Angelic smoke
(shown with Nirvana cedar)

Brigadoon blackish
Nirvana charcoal
Nirvana charcoal
(shown with Angelic nut)

Note: All gradients include some angora except for charcoal.

Main Colors in Eden 5 ply (100% merino)

 Main Color:  Cuff gradient: Qty:   

Main Colors in Angelic 5 ply (75% merino 25% angora)

Main Color:  Cuff gradient:  Qty:   

Main Colors in Nirvana 5 ply (90% merino 10% cashmere)

Color:  Cuff gradient:  Qty:   

Main Colors in Brigadoon 5 ply (100% merino tweed)

Color:  Cuff gradient:  Qty:   

PDF Pattern for download  Price: $6 Qty: