St Elizabeth of Hungaria - wed to a prince, she made a practice of bringing bread from the royal larders to feed the poor and hungry. In the face of strong opposition, her bread turned to roses.

We, at Sunday Knits, encourage the practice of compassion and the action of stewardship and give our regular support to the following worthy organizations ...


American Friends Service Committee

The Carter Center

Doctors without Borders

Environmental Defense

National Resources Defense Council

Mom's Across America

Food & Water Watch

and local

Rockford Urban Ministries

Rockford Rescue Mission

Nikolas Ritschel Foundation

Northern Public Radio

Knitterly resources:



Love Crafts

Podcasts and blogs to check out:


Noble Knits

Katie Green Bean

Fruity Knitting

Jean Marie Miles

Posey get Cozy

Inspiring knitters:

Amanda Scheutzger

Jenise Hope

Jennifer Beale

Jenny Gordy

Elizabeth Elliott

The Rainey Sisters

Gudrun Johnston

Kate Davies

Romi Hill

Susan B. Anderson

Stephannie Tallent

Mary Jane Mucklestone

Becky Herrick

Other stuff:

 - William McCarthy painted many of my beautiful photo backdrops

 - paper-cutouts, or what I used to do before Sunday Knits

 - darling husband Robert Sunday's raku vessels