SK hearts, a Sunday Knits Rewards program

I love my Sunday Knits newsletter subscribers. You are my community, and make what I do such a pleasure! It is for you that I created SK hearts, a Sunday Knits Rewards program.

Earning hearts:

When you shop at Sunday Knits, you earn hearts, and the more hearts you collect, the greater your rewards: With every purchase you earn one heart for every $50 you spend (tax and shipping not included). For instance, if you spend $51-$99 you get one heart, spend $101: 2 hearts, spend $250: 5 hearts.

Every time you shop, you accumulate more hearts ...

but only if you're a newsletter subscriber.
Want to become one? You'll be glad you did because, besides rewards points and coupons, you'll be the first to find out about new releases, you'll be in on subscriber-only discounts AND I'll also be sending you four free patterns a year. Subscribe here.


Level 1:
With your very first heart, I'll send you a coupon for 10% off of your next Sunday Knits purchase.
Accrue four more hearts for a total of five and you'll get a second 10% off coupon.
Five more = 10 hearts: 10% off.
Five more = 15 hearts: 10% off.

Level 2:
20 hearts: 15% off.
25 hearts: 15% off
30 hearts: 15%
35 hearts: 15%

Level 3:
40 hearts: 20%
45 hearts: 20%
50 hearts: 20%
55 hearts: 20%

Level 4:
60 hearts: 25%
65 hearts: 25%
70 hearts: 25%
75 hearts: 25%

Level 5:
80 hearts: 30%
85 hearts: 30%
90 hearts: 30%
95 hearts: 30%

At 100 hearts, you will receive a $100 store credit!
And then we'll start with Level 1 again.

Purchases you make when redeeming your coupons also count toward new hearts.
Coupons will have a six-month redemption period.
No more than one coupon can be redeemed for each purchase, and each coupon is valid for only one use.
To be eligible for rewards, you must be a newsletter subscriber.
I'll keep track of your hearts, and when you reach a new rewards level, I'll send you your coupon code.

When you Sunday Knits, we you back!