Making and wearing an infinity cowl

I like double-wrap cowls. They're nice and warm, and with two layers, you can snug one close around the neck, and let the other hang a little lower. Looks good. Feels good.
I also like a cowl that fits smoothly around my neck with no twists.
AND I like a cowl where only the right side of the fabric shows on the outside.

Acomplishing all of these goals is easy if you start by twisting the cast-on row at the outset.
This is not a moebius, which has one infinite edge and a single side, and is formed by twisting the fabric 180-degrees. This is a full 360-degree twist.
And while the cowl is twisted during knitting, once it is finished and you double it over your head, the twists disappear and you're left with nothing but right-sided fabric smoothly circling your neck.

Here's how:

First, it's a good idea to decide which direction you want to twist your cast-on row and thus your fabric. Generally, a right-handed person will find it easier to wear a cowl that's been made with an "S" twist. And a lefty will find it easier to wear a cowl with a "Z" twist.

An "S" twist, as illustrated above, is one where the slant of the twist goes down to the right (which is the same thing as up to the left), like the slanted center of the letter "S".

While a "Z" twist is one where the slant of the twist goes up to the right (or down to the left), like the slanted center of the letter "Z".

This cowl was made with an S twist. See how the slant goes down to the right. A Z-twisted cowl will slant in the opposite direction.

To double your S-twisted cowl so that it doesn't twist, lay the right side (your right) over the left side, as shown.
Or if you have a Z-twisted cowl, lay the left side over the right.

Then lift the resulting loop up and over your head.

The fabric will overlap at one point, but it won't be twisted anywhere. And if your fabric has a right side and a wrong side, the wrong wide will be fully inward facing, and the right side will be all out.

When you take it off and lay it flat, it should look something like this.

I think this is a great little trick, and hope you'll enjoy it too!