Knitted Toggle Buttons

I like buttons that match my sweater. And I also like buttons that are soft to wear.
These knitted toggle buttons are both, and they're also fun and easy to make. Here's how:

Note: For best results, knit tightly.

Using needles 3 or 4 sizes smaller than usual for your yarn, CO 6, leaving a 18" strand end for sewing later.
Beg with a purl row work in St st for 7 rows.
RS: K4 k2tog. 5 sts. Work in St st 5 more rows.
RS: Ssk k3. 4 sts. Work in St st 5 more rows.
RS: K2 k2tog. 3 sts. Work in St st 3 more rows.
RS: K3tog, cut leaving an 18" tail, draw yarn through last stitch to secure and thread yarn into tapestry needle.

Your piece should look something like this.

Starting at wide (cast-on) end and with wrong side up, wrap piece into a very tight roll,
spear threaded needle through the middle of roll once (like a toothpick through a croissant sandwich),

and then back to secure.

To firm up the button's rather floppy ends, thread strand from cast-on end and draw yarn through lengthwise snagging a bit of the end.

Draw yarn back again snagging a bit on the other end,

then back through once more firmly before securing and trimming yarn.
Ready to sew onto your garment.