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August, 2023
Oh my!
February, 2023
Beautiful textures, top down, cropped and boxy, or longer if you wish.
February, 2023
Top Up Bottom Down
Great tunic with pockets and pretty stranded details. Knitted from the center up, and then from the center down.
January, 2023
Popcorn Waffles
Fluffy and light brioche stitches waffle to form a subtle herringbone texture
December, 2022
Tamback Tribal
Stranded stole with a distinctive tribal vibe
November, 2022
Nancy's Fair Isle Vest
Stranded vest with a subtle slant-front shape
September, 2022
First Date
Seamless pullover with lace and reverse stockinette
September, 2022
Stranded pullover
September, 2022
Dancing on Water
Lace and Garter crescent
February, 2022
Stranded and steeked
December, 2021
The hat that wouldn't quit
November, 2021
Bet you can't knit just one
October, 2021
The latest in my series of pueblo stoles.
September, 2021
Tai Chi
Graceful cables with a honeycomb border.
August, 2021
Tia Teva
Stranded sections go this-a-way and that-a-way.
August, 2021
Gelica's Birds
Top-down pullover with a stranded yoke set off by lots of texture.
March, 2021
Top-down pullover with twisted stitch cables and a pretty allover thorn stitch pattern.
November, 2020
Slanted Gansey scarf
Simple knit-purl patterns worked on the bias create a very pretty scarf.
September, 2020
Southwest stripes knit in wide bias ribs, with knit-in fringe.
May, 2020
Dijon Forêt
Garter stitch and brioche in a top-down raglan cardigan with a cute pouch pocket.
May, 2020
Friends Blanket
Garter stitch squares and triangles stitches together in this beautiful Shaker-inspired blanket.
April, 2020
Stars & Stripes
An all-American shawl with twisted-stitch lace, slender stripes, and mosaic stars.
February, 2020
Tapestry II
A new worsted-weight version of an old favorite.
August, 2019
Coconino shawl
Asymmetrical triangle shawl with a spirited tribal vibe.
August, 2019
Wickershanks cowl
A pretty wicker pattern in small scale and large, with pretty twisted ribs and cables.
August, 2019
Slip-stitch circle scarf in many colors.
August, 2019
Mrs Grimmet's Pullover
Stylish cowl-neck pullover with sideways cables and kangaroo pockets.
August, 2019
Stripes, stranded, and lace make for fun knitting!
August, 2019
Mrs Grimmet's Weskit
Stylish cowl-neck pullover with sideways cables.
July, 2019
Wavy Brioche cowl
Basic brioche stitches with stunning results.
March, 2019
Simple to knit and a joy to wear.
January, 2019
Two Sisters
Two lovely and related lace patterns with parallel waves running between them.
October, 2018
Nordica Rustic
Color meets texture with Bohus-inspired colorwork and nubby brioche rib.
October, 2018
Colorful stripes in a wide bias rib.
September, 2018
Capture a Cozy Moment
Scrumptious brioche meets garter in this super-cozy version of Capture the Moment.
September, 2018
Jane Morris
A light and lovely crop top for modern Pre-Raphaelites.
April, 2018
Anything Goes
Classic go-to cardigan with impeccable details.
March, 2018
Capture the Moment
Seamless, top-down cardigan with reversible border.
January, 2018
Sunday Morning
Easy to knit, easy to wear.
November, 2017
Wavy Brioche
A cushy beauty of a scarf, worked in basic brioche stitches.
November, 2017
The newsest member of the Pueblo stole series.
November, 2017
A chevron scarf, stole, or shawl with endless color possibilites!
November, 2017
Campus Herringbone
A simple and classic herringbone scarf
October, 2017
A light-weight, comfy cabley pullover.
September 18, 2017
Aloe Vera
A classic sport-weight cardigan with beautiful lace.
August 15, 2017
Hacienda del Sol
A modern stole inspired by Old Tucson.
The eighth in my Pueblo stole series.
August, 2017
Cross-Country Skiing
Chevron & garter shawl with lace trim.
Shoop, shoop.
April, 2017
Gradient sets
in SK 3 ply blends
minis and full-skein five-color sets
January, 2017
Water Hyacinth
Reversible shawl in leaf and mesh lace
January, 2017
Two-color brioche gradient scarf/stole/shawl
December, 2016
Bohus-style stranded and textured mittens
November, 2016
Broderie Hollandaise
Hat and mitts in pretty eyelet lattice
September, 2016
Rain Falling on Cedars
Top-down cardi with a knockout collar and slanted pockets
September, 2016
Slanted Gansey
Chic, reversible cowl with a twist
August, 2016
The latest in the Pueblo stole series
August, 2016
Dancing with Bears
Not too primitive, not too refined. Just right.
April, 2016
Nancy's vest
A classic stockinette wardrobe staple with lots of lovely details
December, 2015
Milkweed pullover
Sumptious cables and lace in a pullover with four different neck options!
December, 2015
Wandering Ribs
Ribs form a wavy herringbone in this hat and cowl set
November, 2015
Ethereal leafy lace sets off a simple scarf and mitts duo
November, 2015
Mixed Media
One good rib deserves another! ... knit from side to side in one piece.
September, 2015
Cabled poncho with cowl collar, worked in purl-free stockinette
September, 2015
Crescent-shaped shawl with vintage oak lace border and charming acorn "tassels"
August, 2015
The Princess & the Seed
Princess-style shaping with seed stitch side panels and many lovely details.
August 5, 2015
Painted Desert
Hombre stripes and a bit of fairisle in a simple stockinette poncho (purl-free!)
July 14, 2015
Sunday Knits has a new rewards program. When you Sunday Knits, Sunday Knits 's you back!
May 7, 2015
The Secret Life of Trees
Leaves and branches in a ribs and lace cardigan
March 31, 2015
Madam Secretary
Garter-stitch batwing shrug in an easy folded shape
March 19, 2015
Carol Sunday is Patternfish's Designer of the Month
February 9, 2015
New Old Town
One-piece modular, top-down cardigan with lace border
January 23, 2015
Library afghan
Feather your nest with this basketweave blanket.
January 20, 2014
Artichoke Hearts
cozy cowl with picot hem and smooshy lace ... FREE PATTERN!
December 29, 2014
Kilim mittens
Stranded mittens with a tribal vibe
December 9, 2014
Lovesee Road scarf
Super, simple scarf
November 7, 2014
Shakespeare in Love
Sumptuously cabled pullover
November 6, 2014
Stone Hollow scarf
reversible thermal stitch scarf
October 29, 2014
Stone Hollow hat
cushy brioche stitch hat
October 21, 2014
Stone Hollow mittens
mittens designed for wearing
October 9, 2014
Lovesee Road
relaxed-fitting, pocketed, shawl-collared cardigan
September 30, 2014
Fisherman's cowl
neckline-hugging cowl in waffle and cable stitches
September 17, 2014
Lithia Park
shawl-collared cardigan ... top down, modular and seamless
September 14, 2014
A new color in Eden 3-ply and 5-ply. Love it with everything!
Aug 26, 2014
Piano Lessons
cardigan with wide shawl collar and pretty stitch pattern
Aug 11, 2014
Music & Lyrics
rippling scarf with bias ribs and picot edging
June 18, 2014
For Irene
boadneck pullover with ribbed sleeves and pretty lace yoke and cuffs
May 6 2014
Vashon Island
sea-worthy faux-cabled cardigan with nautical collar
April 9, 2014
Santa Fe
Pueblo stripes in a waterfall-front sweater
February 11, 2014
Cabley leg warmers
January 11, 2014
Cabled stole with self closure and shaped shoulders
November 12, 2013
Poem River
Reversible scarf with flowing ribs
November 8, 2013
Chutes & Ladders
Waterfall front cardigan with a drop-stitch border
October 16, 2013
Oak Park
Stockinette stitch tube scarf with engaging stripes in a range of neutral colors with a flash of red
September 25, 2013
Tuesday's Child
Classic cable and seed stitch cardigan with a whittled back waist, mitered neckband and tidy buttonholes
September 9, 2013
Super scrunchy cowl knit in the round with a unique double-cable pattern
August 27, 2013
Adam's Ribs long-sleeved wrap
Wrap-style sweater with long slender sleeves in a reversible stitch pattern;
worked in an unusual side-to-side construction
August 12, 2013
Create your own striped colorway for this crescent-shaped stole with a wide bias rib and knit-in fringe
May 8, 2013
Stylish, comfortable striped, boxy pullover with adorable (but optional) heart detail
April 24, 2013
Clair de Lune
1920's-inspired lace shrug knit side to side. Exquisite!
Feb 25, 2013
Mia Francesca
Cabled open-front cardigan, knit in a modular fashion, from the top down
Feb 5, 2013
Aurora Canyon
French Canyon's sleeved counterpart
Jan, 2013
French Canyon
Shapely vest with cables and textures
Nov 24, 2012
Bay Laurel
Cowl/capelet in pretty stitch pattern with drawstring and leafy pulls
Nov 16, 2012
Kinnikinnick mitts
Striped fingerless mitts with accentuated jog
Nov 7, 2012
Kinnikinnick hat
stranded hat with contrast hem and corkscrew and tassel trim
Oct 27, 2012
Pueblo - High Country
Wide bias rib for a lovely drape ... with knit-in fringe
Oct 12, 2012
Kinnikinnick scarf
reversible scarf with angled ends and tassel trim
Oct 12, 2012
Lace shawl in 4 sizes
Sept 25, 2012
Fisherman's Daughter
a new fisherman's sweater just for us girls
Sept 13, 2012
a lovely new color in Nirvana 3 ply and 5 ply
Sept 7, 2012
Art deco-inspired stitch pattern in a cozy and elegant dolman-sleeve shrug
August 17, 2012
Machu Picchu
Birds zig and leaves zag across the stranded yoke of this top-down Peruvian-inspired pullover
July 10, 2012
Class Reunion
An open-front shawl-collar cardigan with diagonal lace and a curved garter border
May 1, 2012
Buds of May
A lacey crescent shaped shawl with picot edgeing, nupps, and a lovely mesh ... in 3 sizes
Apr 15, 2012
Garden Party
an open-front lacey and ruffly cardigan. Knit from the top down.
Embrace your inner girly girl.
Mar 15
Old Town
an open-front baby doll cardi with a lovely - and easy - shawl collar - knit in a modular fashion
1 Mar - New 5-ply yarn colors - yum yum!

Nirvana merlot
Nirvana cream
Brigadoon granite
Feb 20
a dolman sleeve confection with lace and bobble trim, knit side to side
Feb 2
the third of my 3 Little Mittens, Aberdeen has stranded colorwork, little picot hems and lots of thistles
20 Jan '12
The second installment in my 3 Little Mittens collection ... stranded colorwork with Latvian braids and picot hems
13 Dec '11
icelandic hoodie with cable button bands and sweatshirt pockets
4 Dec '11
classic nordic mittens with Latvian braids

1 Nov '11
My first Ravelry mystery knitalong
26 Oct '11
Poofy Ribs
A poofy drop-stitch ribbed hat
20 Oct '11
A simple lace hat in 4 versions
15 Oct '11
Waffles with Syrup
A cushy thermal scarf trimmed with cabled mittens
11 Oct '11
Oversized dolman-sleeve shrug in an easy garter rib
15 Sept '11
A cushy thermal rib in a blanket-style wrap cardigan that won't fall off your shoulders
30 May '11
A royally pretty shawl knit side to side with unusual basketweave pattern and short row ruffles
18 May '11
Whose Shawl Do You Think This Is
Striped drop-stitch garter shawl with shawl collar and peplum shaping. In 3 colorways
15 Apr '11
To Eyre ...
garter stitch shawl, inspired by the new Jane Eyre film - in 2 versions and a couple of sizes
5 Mar '11
It's the Berries
charming vintage-inspired sweater with cables and bobbles
14 Feb '11
hopelessly romantic new cardigan
11 Dec '10
Shawl Collar shawl and cowl
2 new designs in one pattern
Available as a download or a kit
30 Nov '10
Lincoln Park scarf
a new design
Available as a kit
12 Nov 10
Milkweed capelet
a new design
Available as a kit or download
12 Nov 10
a new beret or cap design
Available as a kit or download
11 Nov 10 - New 3-ply yarn colors - yum yum!

Angelic dijon - a lovely Provenšal mustard
Eden celery - soft, lovely, heathery
1 Nov 10
a new jacket design
Available as a kit or download
23 Sept 10
Night Birds
sweet fingerless gloves
Available as a kit or download
10 Sept 10
Eve's Ribs
a new shawl-collared shrug
Available as a kit or download
13 Aug 10
a new sweater design
Available as a kit
1 Aug 10 - Acorns - a seamless cardigan with beautiful acorn pattern around yoke and cascading down front - in Twist Collective Fall 2010 issue. Check it out!
9 July 10
Adam's Ribs Hoodie
a new sweater design
Available as a download or a kit
2 Apr 10 - Poplar and Elm, two leaf patterns - one closed lace for the body and one open lace for the sleeves of this ballet-style wrap sweater - in Twist Collective Spring/Summer 2010 issue.
1 Mar 10 - By popular demand ... the following designs are now available as pdf downloads as well as kits: Angel Wing Sweater, Woodland Jacket, Adam's Ribs Cap-Sleeve Wrap, Twisted Vine Cardigan, and Sunday Scarf!
Little Riding Hoodie
11 Feb 10
a new sweater design
Available as a kit
Pueblo Stole - Russet
21 Jan 10
a new colorway.
Available as a kit
Tail Feathers Beret:
8 Jan 10
a new lace hat pattern.
Available as a pdf download
or free with yarn purchase
15 Nov 09 - Kelmscott, William Morris-inspired sweater knit in reverse stockinette with lace front panesl, lace collar, and lace details in back and on cuffs - in Twist Collective Winter 2009 issue. Check it out!
Nov 14-21 - Sunday Knits is having a trunk show at Unique Yarns at Edgebrook Center in Rockford, IL. I'll be there both Saturdays from 10-4, and all the yarns and kits will be there throughout the week as well. Hope you'll stop by!
21 Oct 09 - New yarn colors - oh boy! New in 5 ply: Nirvana rain - the same lovely heathery blue as in 3 ply, Eden prune - the same deep chocolatey plum as in Nirvana 3 ply but in 100% merino, and Angelic nut - a warm golden oakey brown. New in 3 ply: Angelic nut, and Nirvana sand - a soft light beige.
Sept 10-13 09 - Stitches Midwest at the Renaissance Convention Center in Schaumburg, IL - Sunday Knits' first ever fiber event. Fabulous!
24 Aug 09 - Tail Feathers:
a new lace shawl/scarf pattern.
Available as a pdf download
or free with yarn purchase
16 Aug 09 - Sea Grass Scarf (Shawl): An easy, lacey, reversible scarf pattern - in Twist Collective Fall 2009 issue. Check it out!
1 June 09 - Nothing's new...I'm busy at my day job - creating papercuttings that I exhibit - under my maiden name, Carol Menninga - at Midwest fine art fairs. Stop by and say hi if you're in the neighborhood (here's my schedule). And look for new designs to come out starting in August!
15 Apr 09 - Newly reconfigured shopping cart!
Makes kit ordering more user friendly
I'm crazy about this needle gauge necklace made by Wisconsin metal artist - and knitting instructior - Erica Schlueter.  A friend of mine has had one for years, and the patina just gets lovelier over time, perhaps owing to the finely textured finish, which is actually knitting patterns embossed in the sterling silver!   I'm thrilled to be able to carry these.  The necklace measures 1 by 1 3/4 inches, comes on a 24" silver box chain, and includes a wallet-sized gauge reference card (US sizes 0-11).  Gift boxed.

You may order here.
2 Apr 09 - Stripey Sleeve Wrap Sweater - a longer leaner version of the bolero, available as a kit. Can be knit in any pueblo stole colorways.
16 Mar 09 - Stripey Sleeve Bolero - available as a kit.
5 Mar 09 - New 3 ply colors: Angelic sesame...a soft pale neutral - like a light camel... Eden sea, a lot like sea, but more vivid...and Brigadoon caper, a deep olive with flecks of apple green, grape, and em!
14 Feb 09 - Angel Wing Sweater pattern is completed - available (free) with yarn purchase. Can be knit in any Sunday Knits 5-ply yarns.
30 Jan 09 - Ginko and Lotus Jacket kits are finished and ready to go. I knit the sweater in Brigadoon blackish, but bark, or Nirvana charcoal would also work well as main colors.
For Pueblo Stole - autumn colorway knitters who also read Interweave Knits, my Holly and Poinsettia mittens (in their Winter '08 issue) can now be made using your colors! With one additional 50-gram skein of Brigadoon bark, you should have everything you need with your leftover colors. Let me know if you'd like me to email you a PDF color substitution chart.