It's all about the color! Over seventy heavenly, earthy, spirited colors with contributions from each of 4 fiber blends (links on left). The complete line is designed especially to work together as a palette - perfect for colorwork, but each shade also gorgeous on its own.

Well ... maybe not all about the color. Even in the buff, these yarns are remarkable. The finest Australian merino, French angora and Mongolian cashmere fibers, humanely farmed and harvested, hand selected and milled in Italy by masters of their craft. In fact our mill, Lanecardate, has been spinning and dyeing wool for over three centuries, and their yarns are valued among the finest in the world.

These woolen-spun yarns are remarkably light and lofty yet durable, and soft enough to wear against your bare skin. Because the fibers in these yarns are so light, a skein offers considerably more yardage than you might expect for its weight and gauge. After washing, you may expect a considerable bloom. You are going to love this yarn!

Some facts about our yarns

The story behind Sunday Knits yarns