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Cable Decrease

A cable decrease is a beautiful way to add a design element to your decreases. It's my favorite way to decrease in stockinette stitch, and I've used it in a number of my designs, including Nancy's Vest and Sunday Morning. In this video, I demonstrate right leaning then left leaning cable decreases in stockinette stitch.

The video follows; also see Notes below

Video may also be viewed here on Youtube.


Besides working well with stockinette stitch, cable decreases can be an effective way to decrease while working a cabled or ribbed pattern. Simply follow the same technique, while staying in pattern.

For instance, if working a k2-p2 rib, consider a 4-stitch cable decrease, working 2 stitches from the dpn knitwise and the other 2 purlwise together with the left needle stitches, to stay in pattern.

Yarn used in this tutorial is Sunday Knits Eden (100% merino) 5 ply in Winter. And the project shown on the opening page is my Top Up Bottom Down tunic, knitted in Sunday Knits Brigadoon Stone on top and Sunday Knits Eden Grey on the bottom.