The following techniques are used in one or more of my designs, and some are methods I've engineered myself.

There are many other techniques that I haven't made tutorials for because they are more commonly used, and other instructors have already made very good tutorials for them.
Do let me know if you're looking for instruction on something you have not been able to find elsewhere, and I'll get right on it.

Follow these links for photos, written explanations or video tutorials of the following:


Inches per Stitches - a written discussion and a bit of a rant

Short Rows

Wrapless short rows - video tutorial

Cast on

Picot cast on, two types - photo tutorial

Picot cast on for Pachelbel - video tutorial

Tubular cast on - picture and description

Tubular cast-ons for Brioche knitting
- four photo tutorials to get you started with any brioche project, whether it's one color or two, worked flat or in the round.

Knitting techniques

Afterthought pockets - photo tutorial

Afterthought yarnovers - photo tutorial

Cable Decrease - video tutorial

Infinity cowls - How to twist the cast-on and wear a double-wrap cowl where only the right side shows and there are no twists - a photo tutorial

Knit-long and knit-below techniques used in broderie-style stitch patterns

Ssp's - two nifty techniques with great results that don't purl anything through back loops

Underarm Holes - How to eliminate them when working a top-down in-the-round sweater - a photo tutorial

Joining yarn strands

Russian splice - a clean join for two different color strands - picture and description

Russian T - eliminate ends when only one color strand is starting or ending - photo tutorial

Stripes - weaving in colors to avoid a jog - photo tutorial

Bind off

Italian bind off - a beautiful way to finish off shaker rib and knit1-purl1 ribs

Italian bind off worked into a provisional cast on - photo tutorial


Buttonhole-stitch buttonholes - photo tutorial

Crochet trim, buttonholes and buttons - pictures and descriptions

Knitted toggle buttons - photo tutorial


Grafting brioche - photo tutorial

Grafting for cheaters

Grafting in garter stitch - photo tutorial

Grafting in k1-p1 rib - photo tutorial

"Grafting" live stitches to a bound-off edge - picture

Grafting the Pachelbel shawl - video tutorial

Grafting tips - description

Grafting in wide rib - photo tutorial

Stitch Patterns

Popcorn Waffles original stitch pattern - video tutorial


Tassels and crocheted trim as used in the Kinnikinnick scarf - video tutorial