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Popcorn Waffles

This is an original Carol Sunday stitch pattern. It's deeply textured, and poofy rather than dense, so it's light as a cloud. It's worked using classic brioche techniques with the addition of a bit of cabling, that gives it a subtle herringbone effect.

This video tutorial demonstrates the stitch pattern (also see Notes below):

Video may also be viewed here on Youtube.


- I misspoke a couple of times when shooting this video: I referred to Rows 1 and 2 when I was actually working the setup row and Row 1.

And I described Rows 6-11 as being the same as the setup row through Row 5 except worked on the other side of the fabric. That's not correct. They are worked on the same side, but the placement if the k3-p1 ribs is offset the second time through.

- I spent a lot of time developing this stitch pattern, and used it in my Popcorn Waffles pullover. If you wish to use it in a design of your own that you make available, whether for purchase or free, please do credit Carol Sunday as the sources of the stitch pattern.